Laser Cutting and Engraving

The laser cutting services cover a variety of materials including hardwood, MDF, plastic, acrylic, mirror, cloth, leather, paper, chipboard, glass, metal,  rubber, and more.  work is done on a 3 x 4 foot lasering area with a 4 x 8 foot pass through ability to laser larger items.


- Mock up cutouts for students, designers and architects 

- Acrylic or wood signage

- Embossing surfaces of furniture or accesories

- Personalized branding on products and promotional items

- Pieces for architectural models or craft models

- Peel and stick adhesive laser cut plexiglass and mirror plexi.

- Etched art prints

- Etched photos or art on various materials such as wood, glass or stone.

- Etching glass plate or mirror

- Personalized or etched glasses or bottles

- Personalized give-away items for corporate or private events.

- Intricate paper cutouts such as lace patterned gate-fold invitations

- Unique business cards

- Stencils 

- Manufacturing parts for the maker community

​- Customized jewelry

- And more...

Custom Event Centerpieces and Decor.

If you are an event planner or just throwing a corporate event or private event, Earthdrop can create custom decor elements ranging from centerpieces to personalized or branded bar covers.

Some applications of fabrication for events:

- Custom Centerpieces, we can design and build them to match your theme.

​- Custom name plates

- Wood monograms

- Personalized give aways

- Awards

- Custom Monogrammed or Branded signage for Bar fronts or Lit pieces for decor.

Our Services

Design, Fabrication, and Finishing 

It can be anything from a new product to a custom sign for your business establishment, Earthdrop Designs can help take your idea and turn it into reality. We offer design fabrication and finishing services for smaller scale needs. If it is outside of our abilities, I have an extensive network of connections that might suit your needs, so please do inquire and I would be happy to help.

- Signs for for business or private establishments. (lit or unlit. Indoor or outdoor)

- Art pieces

​- Custom furniture

- Corporate decor

- Manufacturing custom product lines

- Custom props for event, theatre, and stage decor

-Custom props and scene pieces for movie and commercial shoots

- Custom components for creatives in the art and maker communities